Personal Finance and Business Education Gamified

  • Personal Budgeting Game
  • Customizable Stock Market Game
  • Personal Finance, Economic and Business Curriculum
  • Built-In Student Assessments
  • Easy to Set Up. Easy to Use.

Personal Finance Lab Platform


Personal Budgeting Game


Students take on the role of a young adult with their first job and manage a budget. Rent, car loan, utilities, groceries and many unexpected expenses challenge them to stay on budget. Students learn to manage cash and credit cards.

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Stock Market Game


Real-time stock game, with live streaming portfolios and class rankings, instant order execution, integrated research and reporting. Quotes, charts, news and analyst ratings help students research and learn to invest.

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Integrated Curriculum With Built-In Assessments


Teaching a class on Personal Finance, Economics, Business, Accounting and Investing? We’ve got integrated curriculum that meets National Standards that can be blended in to our games.

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Live data displayed in your Classroom!


Use any LCD screen to broadcast Words of the Day, class rankings, streaming stock charts, watchlists, market news, and much more! Use real-time financial news and current events to keep students learning each day.

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Ideal for Home Schools


Home schooling your children? At we have set up monthly contests for all home school students. Now your student can have the same excitement and engagement by competing against other home school students from around the country. We have a new contest that begins the first Monday of each month and ends the last Friday of the following month. These 8 or 9 week contests are perfect for home school students Plus—there is a regularly scheduled live webinar for parents the week before each Home School contest begins.

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Corporate Employee Education

Ticker is not just for K12 students. It is ideal for corporate employee education events as well. In fact, for large companies, we can even white-label our site so that your company can have its own corporate-branded employee education platform that features our personal budgeting game (with adult scenarios), our stock market game, and the adult version of our curriculum

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Sponsor A School


Are you a bank, credit union, or other financial institution that wants to make a difference in the financial literacy of students in your area? We have a waiting list of teachers, schools, and districts that want (and desperately need) access to our platform. While we already provide over $250,000 of free access per year, we need your help in reaching more students. Please CLICK HERE and learn how you can make a difference in the financial education of students in your area.

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Our Mission

High schools have had biology and chemistry labs for years. Why don't they have Personal Finance labs?

Not every student will be a biologist or chemist, but EVERY student will need to know how to budget and invest. Our mission at is to make that a reality.

We design and build the most advanced and engaging Personal Finance, Economics, and Business games, activities, lessons, and curriculum to help ensure every student graduates with sufficient financial literacy to face the real world.

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Compatible with Google Classroom / COPPA compliant

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